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“If you buy above average businesses at below average prices, on average, we believe you should come out ahead.” — Brian Yacktman

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Our Newsroom provides a place for our clients and the general public to read any press releases regarding our firm. Please find below the links to such articles and news releases for your reading pleasure.

Young Fellas, True Disciples

Welling on Wall St.
June 03, 2016

YCG's Brian Yacktman, Elliott Savage Buy Great Businesses, Cheap says Kathryn Welling in her June 3, 2016 issue.  read full text...

An Options-Enhanced Value Strategy

Advisor Perspectives
May 25, 2016

Bob Huebscher caught up with Brian Yacktman and interviewed him on May 25, 2016. Brian Yacktman is Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, and a Principal of YCG. Brian has been managing money for over a decade.  read full text...

Why Owning 'Boring' Stocks Works

April 26, 2016

Rich Morgan from RIA Channel interviews Brian Yacktman, president and chief investment officer of YCG about what makes his firm unique. YCG, focuses on identifying high quality stocks.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman interview with Moneylife host Chuck Jaffe

February 17, 2016

Chuck Jaffe interviews Brian Yacktman on the Moneylife radio (Market Call segment). The interview begins at 40:18 and ends at 56:46. The introduction begins at 2:47 and finishes at 3:52 of the mp3 file.  read full text...

Opinion: Here's one stock market tip you really want to follow

Market Watch
February 17, 2016

Chuck Jaffe, a columnist for Market Watch quotes YCG's Chief Investment Officer, Brian Yacktman, regarding his thoughts on the airline industry.  read full text...

Manual of Ideas Interview with Brian Yacktman & Elliott Savage

Manual of Ideas Issue August 2015
August 06, 2015

Exclusive Interview with YCG Investments: We are pleased to bring you our recent interview with Brian Yacktman and Elliott Savage of Austin, Texas-based YCG Investments.  read full text...

What's left for eBay after the Paypal breakup?

July 16, 2015

Brian Yacktman, a longtime eBay investor, originally bought the stock because of PayPal, but expects to maintain shares of both after the split.  read full text...

Colgate Takeover Odds Rise Amid Megamergers: Real M&A

September 24, 2014

The specific securities identified and discussed should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security. These commentaries contain our views and opinions at the time such commentaries were written and are subject to change thereafter. The securities discussed do not represent an account’s entire portfolio and in the aggregate may represent only a small percentage of an account’s portfolio holdings. These commentaries may include “forward looking statements” which may or may not be accurate in the long-term. It should not be assumed that any of the securities transactions or holdings discussed were or will prove to be profitable. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  read full text...

A Stock-Put Play on Western Union

June 30, 2014

Western Union is attracting bullish attention in the stock and options market. In the past month, the money-transfer company's shares have surged some 7%, sharply outperforming the Standard & Poor's 500. This is a big change. Western Union has drastically trailed the benchmark index over the past three years, falling some 5% as the S&P rose 65%. YCG Investments, an Austin, Texas, money manager, recently added Western Union (ticker: WU) to its YCG Enhanced fund (YCGEX) and separately managed accounts, via stock purchases and put sales. Brian Yacktman, a partner, says Western Union is at an inflection point. In recent years, it was out of favor with investors because of more stringent money-transfer regulations and increased competition from financial institutions that offered the same services for less. But that's changing.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman's Flagship Strategy Reaches Significant 5-Year Milestone Mark and Becomes Available Through a Mutual Fund

September 10, 2013

YCG, LLC, formerly known as Yacktman Capital Group, LLC, reached the milestone of a 5-year track record with its flagship Concentrated with Option Enhancement Composite Strategy. The firm has now launched a no-load mutual fund which utilizes the same investment strategy. The fund is managed by Brian Yacktman, formerly of Yacktman Asset Management, and co-managed by Elliott Savage, formerly of Highside Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar long-short equity hedge fund.  read full text...

Buy Low, Sell High - Any Questions?

Halbert Wealth
May 18, 2012

Brian Yacktman, founder and portfolio manager of Yacktman Capital Group (Yacktman) offers a further improvement upon Graham’s and Buffett’s principles by devising a way to set up a portfolio of individual stocks so that it has the potential to protect capital during times of severe market declines while still attempting to produce above-market returns over a full business cycle.  read full text...

Halbert Wealth Management Announces Addition of Yacktman Capital Group

PR Web
April 07, 2012

Yacktman Capital Group, a "value driven" active money manager, is the latest addition to Halbert Wealth Management's AdvisorLink® Program that features a collection of investment strategies offered by independent, third-party money managers.  read full text...

Halbert Wealth Management Advisorlink Profile

April 07, 2012

Yacktman Capital Group, a "value driven" active money manager, is the latest addition to Halbert Wealth Management's AdvisorLink® Program.  read full text...

Adviser Offers Another Viewpoint on Investing

Lake Travis View
March 17, 2011

At Yacktman Capital Group, the key ingredient to our successful long-term investment strategy is the price paid at entry point. The risk of loss from overpaying for a security is not eliminated simply through the passage of time, nor is the risk of needing to sell at an inopportune time. We like to extend the phrase to “buy-and-hold until price converges with value.” Buying above average businesses at below average prices is crucial. Good businesses are companies that have low capital requirements and are not cyclical in nature.  read full text...

Guru Focus: Answers from Donald and Brian Yacktman

October 22, 2009

After the announcement, we gathered many questions and we dutifully sent to Don and Brian. We want to thank the GuruFocus community for the questions. Today, we are very happy because we have received the answers back from Don and Brian. Thank you, Don and Brian.  read full text...

Different Roads, Similar Success: Q&A Session with Don Yacktman and Brian Yacktman

September 17, 2009

Brian Yacktman left Yacktman Asset Management to begin his own new venture, founding Yacktman Capital Group, LLC (YCG), a registered investment advisory firm that manages separate accounts. Brian believed in the time-tested investment philosophy of his father and desired to enhance the process through the use of options and active hedging.  read full text...

Young Professionals take the Wealth Management Industry by Storm

March 12, 2009

Two young finance professionals, Brian Yacktman and Will Kruger, defied industry norms by starting their own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, and within the first six months manage a total of over $25 million. The combination of unique value investing and wealth management expertise enables Yacktman Capital Group, LLC to provide a “one-stop” wealth management firm.  read full text...