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“If you buy above average businesses at below average prices, on average, we believe you should come out ahead.” — Brian Yacktman

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Our Newsroom provides a place for our clients and the general public to read any press releases regarding our firm. Please find below the links to such articles and news releases for your reading pleasure.

Earnings Season to Offer Next Test for Retail Stocks

Wall Street Journal
February 14, 2019

Brian Yacktman, president and chief investment officer at YCG Investments, an independent advisory firm in Austin, Texas, said he believes Estée Lauder has the power to raise prices without much pushback from consumers because of the value of its products.  read full text...

Stocks Wrap Up Best January in 30 years

CNN Business
February 01, 2019

"We started the year on edge, but Powell has shown that the Fed will be accommodative," said Brian Yacktman, President and Chief Investment Officer with YCG Investments.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman Comments on Oracle

September 17, 2018

Oracle will likely need to constantly acquire businesses to transform and grow, and we don't know whether or not they'll be wise stewards over the capital they spend trying to achieve that growth," Brian Yacktman, chief investment officer and portfolio manager of YCG Investments, told CNBC in an email. "But so far, after all that spend, they still have no growth to show for it, and that's never a good sign."  read full text...

Brian Yacktman Comments on Facebook

September 15, 2018

Brian Yacktman, chief investment officer of YCG Investments, which owns over $5 million worth of Facebook shares. "He's [Zuckerberg] hugely incentivized to keep Facebook strong, not to mention the fact that Facebook is his creation and legacy." Yacktman also praises Zuckerberg for delegating at Facebook so that he can spend time on outside initiatives, including his philanthropy. "This is no Elon Musk situation, who's seemingly very hard to work with based on the incredibly high employee turnover at Tesla – at Facebook, the talent hardly ever leaves."  read full text...

YCG Celebrating 10 Successful Years

November 06, 2017

On November 5, 2007, Brian Yacktman officially opened YCG for business with less than two million dollars in assets under management (AUM). Since its inception, YCG has outperformed the S&P 500 index and grown to nearly half a billion dollars in AUM. An archive of YCG’s detailed investment letters can be found at www.ycginvestments.com/client_letters.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman Interview on Moneylife

Moneylife Market Call Radio Show
December 13, 2016

Moneylife Market Call interview with Brian Yacktman.  read full text...

Young Fellas, True Disciples

Welling on Wall St.
June 30, 2016

YCG Portfolio Managers, Brian Yacktman and Elliott Savage Buy Great Businesses, Cheap says Kathryn Welling.  read full text...

An Options-Enhanced Value Strategy

Advisor Perspectives
June 25, 2016

Bob Huebscher caught up with Brian Yacktman and interviewed him on May 25, 2016. Brian Yacktman is Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, and a Principal of YCG. Brian has been managing money for over a decade.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman Interview on Moneylife

Moneylife Market Call Radio Show
June 23, 2016

MoneyLife's Market Call Interview with Brian Yacktman.  read full text...

Why Owning 'Boring' Stocks Works

April 26, 2016

Rich Morgan from RIA Channel interviews Brian Yacktman, president and chief investment officer of YCG about what makes his firm unique. YCG, focuses on identifying high quality stocks.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman Interview on Moneylife

Moneylife Market Call Radio Show
February 12, 2016

Moneylife Market Call interview with Brian Yacktman.  read full text...

Manual of Ideas Interview with Brian Yacktman & Elliott Savage

Manual of Ideas Issue August 2015
August 06, 2015

Exclusive Interview with YCG Investments: We are pleased to bring you our recent interview with Brian Yacktman and Elliott Savage of Austin, Texas-based YCG Investments.  read full text...

What's left for eBay after the Paypal breakup?

July 16, 2015

Brian Yacktman, a longtime eBay investor, originally bought the stock because of PayPal, but expects to maintain shares of both after the split.  read full text...

Brian Yacktman's Flagship Strategy Reaches Significant 5-Year Milestone Mark and Becomes Available Through a Mutual Fund

September 10, 2013

YCG, LLC, formerly known as Yacktman Capital Group, LLC, reached the milestone of a 5-year track record with its flagship Concentrated with Option Enhancement Composite Strategy. The firm has now launched a no-load mutual fund which utilizes the same investment strategy. The fund is managed by Brian Yacktman, formerly of Yacktman Asset Management, and co-managed by Elliott Savage, formerly of Highside Capital Management, a multi-billion dollar long-short equity hedge fund.  read full text...

Buy Low, Sell High - Any Questions?

Halbert Wealth
May 18, 2012

Brian Yacktman, founder and portfolio manager of Yacktman Capital Group (Yacktman) offers a further improvement upon Graham’s and Buffett’s principles by devising a way to set up a portfolio of individual stocks so that it has the potential to protect capital during times of severe market declines while still attempting to produce above-market returns over a full business cycle.  read full text...

Halbert Wealth Management Announces Addition of YCG, LLC

PR Web
April 07, 2012

YCG, LLC, a "value driven" active money manager, is the latest addition to Halbert Wealth Management's AdvisorLink® Program that features a collection of investment strategies offered by independent, third-party money managers.  read full text...

Young Professionals take the Wealth Management Industry by Storm

March 12, 2009

Two young finance professionals, Brian Yacktman and Will Kruger, defied industry norms by starting their own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, and within the first six months manage a total of over $25 million. The combination of unique value investing and wealth management expertise enables Yacktman Capital Group, LLC to provide a “one-stop” wealth management firm.  read full text...