YCG Investments
“If you buy above average businesses at below average prices, on average, we believe you should come out ahead.” — Brian Yacktman


YCG, LLC maintains composites based on security concentration levels. YCG has implemented policies and procedures designed to calculate and present performance results in compliance with GIPS standards and maintains its composites in accordance with GIPS requirements. Compliance with GIPS standards has been verified firm-wide by an independent audit firm. The independent verifier’s report is available in PDF format from the link below. Composite presentations are updated on a quarterly basis. In addition, monthly returns for each composite are made available and are updated monthly.

Equity Strategies:

1. 2018-12-31 Concentrated with Option Enhancement Composite Presentation (updated quarterly)

2. 2018-12-31 Concentrated Composite Presentation (updated quarterly)

3. 2018-12-31 Ultra-Concentrated Composite Presentation (updated quarterly)

The Spaulding Group conducted our verification

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