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Recently, one of our clients sent us an email about an app he was excited to have found to monitor his portfolio on his iPhone. We thought his research could be valuable for other YCG clients, so we posted his email here on our blog. Here’s what he wrote:

I recently did some research on the best smart phone app to monitor my YCG portfolio, and think I determined the best of the bunch — Wikinvest. Once you install the free Wikinvest app on your smart phone, you’ll be asked to link the app to your Charles Schwab brokerage account (don’t worry, you can’t accidentally buy or sell stocks with this app). Almost instantly after linking the app to your account, you’ll have an impressive portfolio dashboard at your finger tips, complete with portfolio performance, individual stock performance, stock summaries and analysis, etc. According to the app developers, future updates will add even more bells and whistles for your portfolio monitoring pleasure.

Beyond the smart phone app, I was pleasantly surprised to find a weekly portfolio summary arrive in my email inbox this morning with a summary of my weekly performance, including charts comparing my performance to the DJIA and S&P 500, as well as the top stock performers by $ and %.

In my research, there is no better portfolio monitoring app on the market and would highly recommend it to all YCG clients. More information about Wikinvest can be found here

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